Wednesday, October 7, 2015

FBI Foils Dirty Bomb Plot. Who Cares?

I don't get it. Smugglers with suspected Russian ties were busted by the FBI for trying to smuggle radioactive medical waste, this time it was Cesium.

WTF? Who cares about Cesium? The FBI said it was enough material to contaminate several city blocks. I've got news for the FBI and anyone that feels that a dirty bomb would strike terror into anyone. Three dirty bombs (former nuclear reactors) exploded about 1, 670 days ago in Fukushima Japan and it hasn't terrorized anyone. There is virtually no news about it. Cesium is being found all over the planet along with some crap that was in one of the MOX Fuel reactors which contained plutonium too. This stuff is now found all over the northern hemisphere and is building up because it continues to be a dirty or 3 dirty bombs which have no end. They can't be turned off. No one knows how. If that doesn't strike fear into you than some radioactive medical waste or even a single melting down reactor shouldn't be that much of a big deal to you.

Our government isn't even doing testing of the food it imports from Japan these days. The fish in the Pacific ocean are not being tested for radiation by any of our governments. The radiation detectors that used to test for Beta radiation build up in our west coast cities have been turned off. They still test for gama but not the dust that used to settle on the air filters that told the story of what people were actually breathing from Alaska to Mexico.

None of this seems to be important enough for governments to get involved. None of this strikes terror into the hearts of the talking heads that deliver the news. None of this is significant in the eyes of the US or other governments. So I ask you Mr. Terrorist, what could your little dirty bomb do compared to these 3 massive reactors that continue to spew deadly radiation 24/7 into the Pacific Ocean and the air? Nothing. It would probably be hard to even know if you set it off here on the US West Coast. I could be wrong but since I can no longer access the data from the Radnet systems, who really knows.

All I know is somebody is lying to us about one of these incidents being dangerous. In order to cause terror, you need to do something that scares people. If 3 out of control nuclear reactors spewing for over 4 and a half years doesn't cause fear than your little bomb isn't going to amount to a rats ass. Get a job! Your terrorism days are over.

Oh yeah, here is a link to the so called dirty bomb story today.


  1. The FBI just doesn't like amateurs.

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