Sunday, October 25, 2015

Weather So Interesting, They Can't Talk About It?

So, I'm a guy with a lot of opinions on a lot of subjects. I have always been a fan of weather forecasting, models, odd weather, hydrology and such. When I was young, I wanted to be a pilot. My neighbor was a pilot for United Airlines and he actually loaned me a book on the Boeing 727 so I could learn to identify the gauges and controls in the cockpit. After a few tests he took me up in his small plane. Before take off you have to check under the hood for critters or other problems. There is a complete safety check list that takes about a half hour before you get going down the runway. Once in the air I was in heaven. We went out over the hills and he actually let me fly the plane. It was so strange. I wasn't even old enough to drive yet but had driven my dads car on my aunts ranch so knew something about driving but this was much more complicated. Still I learned a lot from that guy and he showed me that there were many things I could be in life, a pilot was one of them. A few years later I did some sky diving and rode in planes that made me glad I had a parachute on while doing so. I only bring this up because I have spent my life studying the weather and  looking at the sky, unlike most people.

Seriously, most people don't look up and this was the norm before the so called "smart phones" took over the planet. Now almost no one ever looks up. It is because of this that those of us that do, are sometimes ridiculed for noticing and pointing out what is actually going on above our heads. I'm not going to go completely down that rabbit hole today because I don't have to. Below are links to two different stories referencing a gag order placed on US Government agencies such as the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

I will note that the recent hurricane Patricia that came out of nowhere to become the largest hurricane or typhoon ever recorded went away as fast as it started. No one died in Mexico either. This was just the strangest storm in the way it went from nothing to the biggest back to nothing in just over a couple of days. 

I would like to also add that the massive drought that has been persisting along the US West Coast started right after 3/11/2011 which was when the tsunami destroyed 3 nuclear reactors in Fukushima Japan. Those 3 reactors went off line causing them to go critical and explode. What fuel wasn't blown into the sky and all over the northern hemisphere melted down and continues to do so virtually unabated for over 1,685 days now. On the bright side, we haven't gotten that much radioactive rain here in Northern California. NOAA, 

The National Weather Service, The Weather Channel, the main stream media have never reported radioactive rain here on the west coast. They have never said whether or not it could even exist. They also have never reported on the west coast beta radiation monitors being shut off. I reported this over a year ago and this story from NewsMax is just about the only other good story about this and it just came out 5 days ago. I investigated and the EPA claimed to me that Eureka California's beta monitor was shut off due to RF interference. When I sent a follow up correspondence asking what the offending Radio Frequencies were that caused the shut down they quit talking to me. At least they talked to someone at The Wall Street Journal  where the NewsMax article links to a year later. 

Follow the dots...
It's not just about unions and control. It's also about whistle blowers losing protections. 

The link below may be too much for people that never look up. 

And then there is this.


  1. " I have always been a fan of weather forecasting, models, odd weather, hydrology and such."

    Speaking of hydrology, the removal of vegetation is draining our coastal wetlands and adversely impacting stability when we need it most..
    Visit this page;,-124.1749386,952m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

    Start at the Montesorri School take- Main Trail west to the ocean, the moonscape on the south of the trail is the result of removing vegetation. The south-side of the Main Trail was more verdant than the north-side before these eradication projects began. Now our fore dune has blown-out and the wetlands behind them are now threatened with Salt-Water Intrusion.
    Please do not advertise for the Friends of the Dunes, they are causing great damage to our stability, wildlife and wetland function. We need repairs where wasting processes have begun. Thank you.

  2. Thanks Daniel for the words about invasive species on the dunes. I can get behind a lot of eradication efforts like scotch broom or english ivy or those in an aquatic setting where we do our best to avoid introduction of or spreading of something like the New Zealand Mud Snails. It seems to me that what is holding many of the dunes together the best maybe invasive species. Since we haven't committed to fixing global warming yet to any real degree, we are facing rising oceans. I think it might be something the friends of the dunes might want to consider. Should they try to find a way to keep dunes where we have them as long as possible? Or should we just start building the cement wall along US 101 to slow the ocean for 25 or 30 years while we relocate everything.? Will dunes be a part of the relocation? How do we recreate what took hundreds or thousands of hears to create, at another location that used to be cattle ranches and such?

    I don't advertise for friends of the dunes on my blog or radio vegas radio show. I have occasionally heard announcements for their events at the broadcast stations I work at but I don't have much say over what psa's or ads get aired. I can encourage the psa director to look at an event or organization but in the end, it's not my department.

  3. I just came across this that was in my facebook from exactly 2 years ago. It may be related.


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