Saturday, December 12, 2015

Meanwhile, Parked Across The Freeway From The Former Nuclear Power Plant

They are storing the radioactive rods on site for the decommissioned nuclear power plant on Humboldt Bay owned and operated by PG&E. Not that that has anything to do with this truck. What is S-3? What does it all mean?

 I saw this truck parked just south of Country Club Market on South Broadway Eureka Ca., also across the freeway from the power plant Friday. Perhaps it's just a big fitting for a large erector set? Maybe a large concrete pipe fitting and S-3 is its part number? It does look like it's pretty solid and heavy though. I have no idea if it came from or was going to the power plant.
 It looks like one of those containers that cops use to detonate old ordinance, pipe bombs, grenades or what ever explosive device that might be found.  

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  1. Suspect PG&E would know the answer. You have sharp eyes! Are you going to contact them? Please let us know if you find out anything.


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