Saturday, January 2, 2016

A Great Idea To Turn Post Office Branches Into Limited Banking Sites

Here is an article from which discusses the plan laid out by Democratic Presidential Candidate, Senator Bernie Sanders. I have to agree that this would help people all over the country that live in towns like mine where we have a casino, supermarket, gas station, several restaurants and art galleries and one post office. There is no bank. The nearest one is over 10 miles away in one direction.

The article explains how pay day loan sharks operating legally in poor under served neighborhoods are taking advantage of those that have the least to spare. Poor workers.

This proposal is a win-win for the post office and the country. BofA recently closed almost all of their Humboldt County locations. We have several post offices in the county. This would keep a US institution alive along with all of it's services including the jobs for postal employees. If the post office is supposed to compete with FedEx and UPS then let them compete. After all, FedEx and UPS have the US post office deliver their packages for the final miles in many parts of the country because it would cost them too much to go to every location. The post office gets as close to every location as possible in most cases.


  1. Post offices are already too busy (long lines). Adding banking services probably wouldn't be accompanied by a big increase in staff, and it certainly wouldn't include remodeling the buildings.

    Grocery stories increasingly contain bank branches. Ray's Food Place has Coast Central Credit Union inside. Raleys, which owns Safeway now, has bank branches, too. Grocery stores DO have the room to remodel without building out, and seem happy to do so. Let them.

    1. Rays in Mack town only has a coast Central because coast Central wanted market share opportunities in Mack Town and DID NOT have a actual building yet.

      If banks are marketing outlets located within another business just 1 block away from an actual bank building, then why have an actual "bank building"?

      Seems like the future is online money exchanges/monetary exchange computer systems using credit and points, no cash.

      Post Offices could also be homeless services too. Afterall, most snooty types with wealth probably avoid post offices, so what is the rub if the antis stay away?

  2. I think it is an idea worth looking into.


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