Friday, February 5, 2016

51st. Clam Beach Run This Saturday In Trinidad

If you are planning breakfast in Trinidad tomorrow, you might want to go a bit early. The 51st. annual Trinidad to Clam Beach Run will start at 11:45 am when the first leg of the run starts. That will close the main intersection of town until all the runners have made it through. Then another leg starts at 12:30 pm followed by another at 1:30 pm. Each race will cause road closures at the main entrance to the town so plan accordingly.

Scenic Drive will also be affected as this is the path the runners will take from town to Moonstone Beach where they will leave the road and cross The Little River and head down Clam Beach to the finnish.
Registration for the event is closed  but participants can sign up for the race at 10:30 am at the event.

1 comment:

  1. This appears to conflict with info on the race official website re start time of race and registration 4-7 tonight at Red Lion?


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