Sunday, April 17, 2016

Open Letter to Humboldt Board of Supervisors regarding shelter crises

An open letter from the Humboldt Human Rights Commission to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors regarding  a plan to remove about 200 people from camps at Palco Marsh and the emergency facing the counties houseless population.
Link to the letter for better viewing

PRESS RELEASEOpen Letter to Board of Supervisors from the Human Rights Commission on Shelter Crisis, April 2016  

The attached Open Letter to BOS on the Shelter Crisis, April 2016 is precipitated by the on-going shelter crisis in Humboldt County and the pending removal of 200 people from the Palco Marsh by the City of Eureka May 2. The letter is found below in this email.

Please run this immediately or as soon as possible and repeat daily through April 26th.

The Supporting Document-Open Letter to BOS on Shelter Crisis, April 2016 can be found on the Human Rights Commission website: 

Thank you,

Humboldt County Human Rights Commission

Contact: Nezzie Wade, Chair


  1. "It is time to take action and to stop ignoring the Commission's
    recommendations regarding a Shelter Crisis and to move forward with community partners on affordable, safe, legal alternatives, such as
    sanctuary camps, safe parking programs and more for the large numbers of homeless in Humboldt. The lack of leadership on issues of
    homelessness and housing now has resulted in great harm to those most in need among your constituents." ~ HCHRC

    Response: The letter avoids the reality that "Eurtweeka" is not the only "community" in the county. Arcutsie, Againstuna, Real Hell, Farmdale, What Lake, Gerberville, Miranda's Rescue, Helter Skelter Cove

    1. The letter is addressing a specific event that will displace specific people. It is not avoiding anything. Using that name for the town of Eureka doesn't do your cause much credit, if in fact you are out for justice. Having said that I do understand your concern for all of the communities.

    2. HOJ is not addressing Eurtweeka for any cause cuz Eurtweeka is Eurtweeka for tweeked reasons, suffice to say reality in Eurtweeka sucks. Anonymous should know Eurtweeka has been a shithole at least since the 1980's. Sure there is a collection give of good folks, but the minority is not in enough abundance to make Eurtweeka any better, the elected officials are always too similar. In ten years. Eurtweeka won't be any better unless miracle occurs where that miracle is not waiting in line. Apology for your offendedness, but Eurtweeka is tweeked.


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