Friday, April 29, 2016

Temporary Repreive From Eviction For 11 Palco Marsh Campers

The Times Standard says that a Federal Judge in Oakland has granted a temporary reprieve which means that 11 individuals named in a lawsuit may not have to relocate on May 2nd. Dozens more campers will have to leave by that date due to waterfront trail that the City of Eureka has been planning since a plan several years ago failed to build a freeway on the waterfront.

Read the lawsuit here.

 Photo's of the area where the City of Eureka is evicting homeless campers to build a waterfront trail.
 The area is known as Palco Marsh or the devils playground. On Thursday April 28th, 5 people were arrested for heroin sales at the marsh.
 The plaintiffs, or 11 people granted a temporary stay can also be removed if the city finds alternative housing for them.
A private plan to temporarily  house up to 40 people and their dogs at a lot owned by Mercer Frasier Company has also been met with a lawsuit. This time against the plan. 


  1. Unfortunately, city faux leaders, county faux leaders have been kicking this homelss can down the road far too in decades.

    Word to only the wise, for the stupid deserve chaos - homelessness will never be solved, there will always be homeless.

    Instead of tax dollars going to war mongering or political wastes or corporate/gubbamint political scams, Americas infrastructure (includes human beings too) needs attention to detail.

    This who are homeless and sick are not going to elevate themselves without assistance by those who can help make a positive difference.

    HOJ supports a temporary transitional homeless camp IF it is drug free and provides all the ADA facilities as the rest of society is forced to accept, including restrooms and showers.

    All medication to be administered offsite for monitoring purposes since a "camp" is a public space (a park) and drugs, smoking in parks is illegal.

    Any homeless folks who won't agree to these terms really don't care about their plight, suffice to say.

    So again, homelessness will always be an issue, but who cares about those not willing to respect themselves.

  2. Apparently, over 260 homeless folks reside in PM.

    Only 11 homeless folks sought out Peter Martin (why only 11?)

    Assumption on why only 11: most homeless that did not seek out Peter Martin are probably either really sick or disabled


    Criminal Thug druggies.

    Sad people won't respect themselves.......


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