Friday, May 6, 2016

Westhaven Center For The Arts Spring Fling Sunday

This Sunday, May the 8th., is the Westhaven Center For The Arts "Spring Fling" fund raiser.

The Compost Mountain Boys and Tim Breed will perform at the 1 to 4 pm event with a raffle at 4:30 pm. (be sure to check the raffle out)

Grill masters Randy Martinez, Vaughn Beer & Stephen Spoelman will Bar-B-Q Chicken, Ribs & Tofu Burgers at reasonable prices.

There will be easel painting as well as face painting, and a Spring themed raffle.

Come rain or shine, all food and refreshments are reasonable price they say.

The concert is free but you should put something into the raffle because the odds are much better than at the usual betting places, at least in my experience.  Your experience may vary. Food and beverages were decent prices or as they say reasonable for some great stuff hot off the grill.

 When: 1 - 4 pm Sunday, May 8th. 2016

 Westhaven Center For The Arts
501 South Westhaven Drive, Trinidad Ca.


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