Wednesday, June 22, 2016

About Those Elections, Bob Fritakis Talks Lawsuits And Machines

This is an interesting interview from "Debbie of the Sane Progressive"  with Bob Fritakis about election fraud. They talk exit polls, machine tallies, and the recent elections and patterns going back to 2004 in Ohio. It is done over google + so there are audio screeches and dropouts here and there. It's still a great interview if you have the time.

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  1. Barbara Boxer is retiring from politics - 2 democrats are top two vote getters regardless of party.......Arnold Schwarzenegger helped liberals out by process changing the voting laws in California......way to go by the austrian asshat actor who had no business being governor.

    Immigration, where global personalities bring their home country values with them to use against American values, a degenerative military-esque position for political changes without the need for guns to take over from within. Do nothing politics continues to make attempts to deteriorate due process and gun rights (part of immigration ploy to reduce guns that would otherwise be used to kill politicians and military men and women who chose to kill Americans on behalf of gubbamint on american soil in lieu of any uprisings against tyranny).

    In California, liberals created the "crossover voter rules" to make it appear Democrats are inclusive, but really democrats understand they are losing support too, so the crossover suv politics is to defensively shield party politics from voters who would otherwise destroy by vote everything party politics is PROTECTING FOR POWER AND CONTROL.

    Debbie Washer Machine Cartoonist Shultz (DNC chairbitch) is a global liar just like that other globally known bitch Hillary Clinton. Both bitches remind HOJ of the "prison warden bitch" in the movie Death Race.

    People who vote for Hillary are treasonist supporters who de facto become treasonist shills.

    People who vote for Donald Trump are desperate and dumb.

    There is really no one person running for potus who is "qualified" that already is a politician and has a legit opportunity to prevail in an election. Gary Johnson is close, but so far removed from party supporters of dems and repubes, he can't win with independents and wont get two party votes in enough totals to matter, thus lesser of two evils. (Rigged elections since George Washington days is the proof that the US Constitution was a "set-up for a fall" on freedom, liberty)

    Once again, majority voters choice is ONLY lesser of two evils or the anyone but xxxxxxxxx.

    America is a sad, sad country and only dropping more tears for fears, rock and roll pun not intended.

    Politics - mama gets word her children burglarized a home. Mom spanks children. Mom goes to jail.

    Why have children if physical discipline and punishment is not allowed for little shits gone wild?

    Ya, not so good when nanny adults spinning society on politics create a career protecting little minor shits from punishment.

    Children of the Corn aka lord of the flies aka little shits deserving to die or get the shit beat outta them.

    HOJ dont view minors any different than adults when it comes down to good versus evil.

    All this comes back to haunt too in the form of voting by little shits raised on tenets that punishment is avoidable and the carry over effect on the vote is one of uninformed voter with irresponsibility issues.

    Parenting is like walking on eggshells when little shits need an ass whoopin.


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