Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Eureka Summer Concert Series Returns This Thursday

 Boston Rocks a tribute band to the 1970's band Boston will play from 6 to 8 pm on the Eureka waterfront at the end of C Street in Old Town.
Decades performing in 2014 at The Eureka Summer Concert Series

The concert series in it's 17th. year will run every Thursday night starting June 16th for 10 weeks in a row.
McKenna Faith at Eureka Summer Concert Series

Summer Concert Series 2016 lineup

The Summer Concert Series held at the C Street Market Square (Foot of C Street) Thursdays from 6pm-8pm. FREE to the public.

June 16 - Boston Rocks (Boston Tribute/Covers)
June 23 - Chad Bushnell (Hot Country)
June 30 - Todo Mundo (Latin)
July 7 - Lao Tizer (Jazz/Rock/World)
July 14 - Tom Rigney & Flambeau (Zydeco)
July 21 - Fargo Brothers (Blues)
July 28 - Bill Noteman & The Rockets (Blues)
August 4 - McKenna Faith (Hot Country)
August 11 - Decades (Oldies)
August 18 - LC Diamonds (50's - 60's)

For more information contact Eureka Main Street 707-442-9054 .

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  1. Duly note, last summer, on a Thursday, the weather was cloudy, light drizzle.

    There was a cancellation onsite, and when the crowd wondered where the hell the musiciams were, no person in charge to explain away the non event that was promised prior to be an event.

    Suffice to say, the promoters/somebody messed up and did not tell the community that it was a "no go" on that particular Thursday.

    Once again, another local example of ineptitude by a person or people who don't have contingency plans or communication skills when cancelling an event.

    It is similar to a school, its athletic director and its coaches who deviate from schedule all the time, but fail to inform a referee organization or the other schools' officials.

    Humboldt is a great place when civicly active people are not messing it up because of the incessant yearning for popularity and coherent misrepresentations on behalf of sociopolitical interests, dogmas and propagandas.

    It is easy to promote, easy to cancel, but apparently very hard to communicate a canceled event, but hey, the extra fossil fuels it took the crowd to get onsite should serve a multiplicity of political interests from oil to global warming to chaos.

    Most events in Humboldt appear to be insufficiently promoted or over-promoted causing a less than spectacular result in return......kinda like restaraunts where only walking all over the place yields the discoveries (so many different ones, but where are they, who are they, what kinda food do they offer)


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