Saturday, July 9, 2016

Man Made Food Gets A Pass From The President has the story about such US Senators as Dianne Feinstein from California and Al Franken from Minnesota that supported this law that allows for Monsanto to be able to experiment without any public recourse through the US Courts.

Here's an excerpt:

The US government has for the first time signed off on a large-scale experiment involving genetically modified crops, which will lead to biotech big shot Monsanto introducing an engineered corn seed across America from South Dakota to Texas.

The Monsanto Corporation has been given the go-ahead to test out a man-made corn variant that they claim can thrive in dry, unfavorable conditions. With much of the American south and southwest experiencing abnormally arid conditions, the freak-seed could revitalize a chunk of the nation’s agriculture.

More likely, however, is that a success will mean revitalization in terms of Monsanto’s profits and not much more.

The government has agreed to let Monsanto test out the biotech crop on farms owned by the company from the state of South Dakota down through Texas to see if the seed stands to be commercially viable; if so, it is expected to be made available for purchase in 2013. With America’s small-time agriculturists in danger — and already largely threatened by industry giant Monsanto — a success for the seed could see yet more farmers finding themselves unable to compete and forced to throw in the towel.

Monsanto has in recent years attracted criticism for questionable legal practices after it has introduced lawsuits against small-time farmers for the unauthorized use of genetically-modified crops patented by the corporation. In many instances, 

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  1. "Published time: 28 Mar, 2013 19:04"

  2. Thanks Anonymous. It's good to know that that's old news. Democrats are no longer in favor of GMO's or hiding them on the labels. I switched to become a Democrat to vote for Bernie. I had thought that this was still going on. I had no idea that Democrats had stopped Republicans from denying GMO labeling on US food. Yeah for Democrats and their ability to see through the corporate big agra agenda. (I say this knowing full well that most Democrats are complete sell outs on this subject, the above story shows that they have been this way for years). But go ahead and say it's old news because it is. Just like Fukushima, since it's old news, it doesn't matter anymore.

  3. Oh, and another thing. President Obama hasn't changed his stance on this either but that's old news too so it also doesn't matter. In future news, as the planet heats up and the jet stream loses it's way, the seasons are no longer reliable. This means that Monsanto stock is soaring through the roof as they have the only seeds that can grow in this new season-less planet.


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