Monday, October 24, 2016

Upgrade to local EAS equipment prevented an Amber Alert from being broadcast in Humboldt County.

I had to get to the bottom of this because an Amber Alert is supposed to go over the air on the same system we use for Tsunamis and other emergencies. Today's alert went only to computers and cell phones which meant people on the road had to pull over and look at their phones or take their eyes off the road in order to know what it was all about. And while they are staring at their phones on the side of the road and calling up a web page, the abductor could have just driven by unnoticed.

I made several phone calls to track down where things went wrong and alerted the proper authorities of the breakdown. It turns out a software upgrade a few weeks back seems to be the culprit. They are now working on it now that I have brought it to their attention.


  1. Electronic stuff is glitchy today. I wrote my piece on open office and copied and pasted the two parts. One highlighted and the other didn't. I redid it a couple of times but it just wants to have a background on the upper paragraph. I'm not going to try to dig into what is making that happen because unlike the alert problem, this is not really that important. It just looks stupid.

  2. I'm going to blame the problem with text here on Windows 10. And why not? It usually sucks by design so, yeah.

  3. As you might have read, I got that first ever Amber Alert on my phone yesterday and was surprised, never having gotten one before. I was also surprised local media took so long to report it.

    1. Well, now you know why it took us so long to report it. We had to look it up instead of having it come over our stations automatically.

  4. Whad'ya know? I came home, turned on my cell phone and go another Amber Alert.

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