Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Congressman Huffman Does First Podcast With Bill Press

Second District Congressional Representative Jarred Huffman did his first podcast today. He opened the podcast interviewing Bill Press who is also going to be doing a podcast rather than a satellite delivered radio show starting next year.
They both talked about the current situation the country including Social Security, the environment, Obamacare, trade deals, the wall, jobs, Trump, the Democratic Party and what they need to do and more Trump.

Congressman Huffman serves the north coast of California from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Oregon boarder. He says he and the progressive arm of the Democratic Party aren't going to lay down.

Listen to his podcasts here.

In the second segment of the short podcast which is only a bit longer than 23 minutes, Huffman answers questions submitted to him at Huffmanpodcast@gmail.com

One answered question was whether he would obstruct Trumps agenda. 

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