Saturday, December 3, 2016

Counting The Votes In 3 Swing States, And Why Paper Matters

J. Alex Halderman, professor of computer science & engineering at the University of Michigan, explains how Michigan's voting equipment could be suseptible to manipulation and hacking without an internet connection. Chad Livengood, The Detroit News.

How might a foreign government hack America’s voting machines?

Here’s one possible scenario. First, the attackers would probe election offices well in advance in order to find ways to break into their computers. Closer to the election, when it was clear from polling data which states would have close electoral margins, the attackers...  READ MORE HERE.

There is also a short video of the press conference at the link above.
For expert analysis of voting issues see The Brad Blog! 


  1. Gonna be good when we see the results. Gonna expose the mass liberal voting fraud. All the dead people, all the illegal voters. Why do you think The president is not supporting it.Once The president elect is sworn into office there will be a full investigation into the voting. And with the republican congress,and president there will finally be voting laws passed and upheld by supreme court. I.d or thumb print. No i.d then you put finger print on provisional ballot. Problem solved

  2. "Justin Levitt, law professor and now a deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department, tracked voter-impersonation allegations from 2000 through 2014 in all kinds of U.S. elections — general, primary, special and municipal. As of August 2014, he found 31 credible instances out of more than 1 billion votes cast in general and primary elections alone." (LAT, 8 Sep 2016)

    Also note that in those states with the most restrictive voting laws, there are no like requirements for mail-in ballots. Problem solved.

  3. This whole thing is pathetic. I can't believe that Trump's people would sue to stop the verification of a vote he claimed was rigged.

  4. We may never find out.


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