Thursday, December 15, 2016

DEA Adds New Regulations To Cannabis Products

A new rule published by the DEA today led many in the cannabis industry to assume the worst – that the agency had decided to crack down on hemp-derived CBD.

Take a deep breath. This is likely not the case.

What the rule actually does is create a new Administration Controlled Substances Code Number for cannabis extracts – concentrates such as shatter, wax or rosin. This is an administrative measure, not an enforcement action; and while an initial reading of the publication might make it seem like an attack on hemp-derived CBD, the rule mentions neither “hemp” nor “CBD” in either the proposed or final rule.

Eric Steenstra, executive director of the Hemp Industries Association, indicated that although his legal team is reviewing the document, “this isn’t how [the DEA] goes about scheduling a substance.”

or read this at RawStory

Here is another story that explains this a bit better from the Santa Rosa Press Democrat. 


  1. Just part of the process to categorize a type, and by type, a punishment level.....

    This is how it starts Tom.....


    DECEMBER 15, 2016
    Eric Scott Pickard

    Tom, we live in a neo con, neo lib, neo progressive police state.

    Yes, there is a difference in political terminologies and ideological ya really believe local ideoligies align with state or Feds.....nope, don't think so.

    Don't be totally shocked if all this gubbamint pot hub a bub goes to shit real quick.

    It is easier to rip off pot than to grow it!

  3. There was a segment on a news show last night where they tried to raise a hue and cry over how potent pot is and the dangers thereof. They even claimed someone died from too much pot- although it was claimed as a "contributing factor". The gist of the segment was government needing to do something to control potency of marijuana.

    Reminds me of a commentary I read when I first went online maybe ten years ago. The writers argued legal pot may not be so good of an idea: Be careful what you wish for...

    They pointed out exactly what's happening now with government meddling in potency and other aspects now, or trying to. Wish I could find that article- two Canadian guys wrote it. They were prophetic.


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