Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pot Industry Could Be DOA

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"If he (Jeff Sessions as Attorney General)  chose to do so, Sessions could direct the Justice Department to go after every single person who participates in the marijuana industry in states that have legalized the drug. He could order raids of legal marijuana farms and dispensaries, prosecute anyone who rents to or lends money to a pot shop, and even arrest elderly or terminally ill patients who buy prescription weed to ease their suffering. He could also direct prosecutors to pursue the harshest sentences possible when trying drug offenders, and he could sue states that have voted to legalize.

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I was planning on opening a business based around this new industry and have even purchased the dot com for the web site but stopped everything when Trump won the election. Trump may be a pro business president but he will chose the winners and losers evidently. Jeff Sessions believes that anyone that uses cannabis for medical or recreational reasons is a loser. To be more precise he said quote  “Good people don’t smoke marijuana”.

He says if Americans don't want him to enforce marijuana laws, they should change them. Well Mr. Sessions, we in fact did change them in the only capacity we have which is at the state level. States that want you to raid their cannabis industries have kept it illegal. Others have fully legalized it. States have no way to change the schedule1 classification given the plant by the Federal Government. But if a bigger federal government is the only way we can have medical marijuana or nationwide health care, then get ready because most of the country feels differently than you.

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  1. Sorry for your dreams Tom.

    Until there is commonality on classification of MJ, be used to fear.


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