Thursday, February 23, 2017

R.I.P. Alan Colmes

The afternoon drive host of KGOE 1480 in Eureka has died at the age of 66. Alan Colmes held the 3 to 6 pm time slot live on the station. His show was different than other progressive talk shows.
He will be missed.


  1. HOJ actually appreciated AC's perspective, especially when politically slapping Sean Hannity in the forehead.........Hannity is a kook.

  2. Colmes and Krauthamer would have been the best major media political show......but alas, no cookie.

  3. Alan Colmes and Sean Hannity demonstrated how civil adults could disagree and still be friends.

    It was very refreshing in today's partisan world.

  4. I never watched the Hannity and Colmes show and was introduced to Colmes through 1480 KGOE- thanks Mr. Sebourne.
    I liked most of Colmes positions except for his inability to see blatant problems with the explanations from our government regarding 9/11.


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