Saturday, March 11, 2017

Six Years Later And It's Getting Worse

It seems fitting that someone post something about a new anniversary we seem to have gotten used to. I haven't heard much from anywhere today about the uncontrolled meltdowns at Fukushima
except for a couple of posts from a friend or two on facebook. This video will just sort of get you up to date on the disaster. There are much scarier ones if you want to actually delve into the subject on youtube.
Happy Anniversary everybody. And I do mean everybody.


  1. I saw a short article on how they're trying to move people back into the area...but there's a problem with the feral pigs that seem to have taken over. There weren't feral pigs before, so they're left from the domestic stock. Studies done in France have show that pigs allowed to run wild revert to not just undomesticated behavior but physically revert to the wild boar form. Me, I wouldn't want anything to do with meat from any animals that stayed there. The wild animals returned to Chernobyl and seem to be doing fine but of course no one is checking out their DNA either.
    There are areas in France and Switzerland where the fallout was quite heavy and both governments refuse to discuss or deal with the results. I know someone who lives near there and as much as he loves hiking in the mountains he said he has no reason to shorten his life (potentially) just for a good view.

  2. Thank You Tom, kudos back too are a good human being Tom😇

    HOJ believes the 2 Party System is not solely to blame on this issue, its hush hush after the fact cloud of conspiracy. Last week, news did reveal something about onsite cleanup or debris removal of the old infrastructure......

    Staying away from fish, and sushi too because some Russian borne parasite has reached the food chain in (salmon???) up Alaska-way and that fukushima radioactive particulates (???) have gotten into the Pacific Ocean food chain.....and sushi is yum, but leeriness set in.

  3. How about this too Tom......

    Salmon go from river to ocean, ocean back to river to spawn and die.....are trace amounts per salmon of death decay leaving radioactive waste in our fresh water rivers and streams and tributaries?

    Anyone else raise this concern of radioactive bio-toxic transference?

  4. I haven't seen anything about that HOJ.

  5. The wild radioactive boars are still a concern in Japan...


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