Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Pizza Comes To Trinidad!

Pizza Comes to Trinidad California

For a year or so there was a place that had great pizza but they also did catering and were only open when they wanted to be. Needless to say they left the pizza business in Trinidad for what I hope was success in their true love catering.

The place that had pizza for a bit underwent some major changes as new owners came in and reopened as The Lighthouse Grill. Serving beer and wine and in house made breads and buns on their interesting menu with a patio, and inside seating. Serving lunch and dinners with specials every night. They make their own ice cream too. It's a great place but they are busy doing what they do well.

I heard that they were going to open a new place across the parking lot that would be making small pizzas and serving beer and wine. That made me happy because these people know how to cook and
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every now and then a pizza just sounds like the thing and nothing else will do. Looks like the place is a few weeks out from opening.

Enter Cher-ae Heights Casino and their Chef Wily at The Firewater Lounge. They are now serving up two different pizzas a night, every night they say.

Here's to going from no pizza at all except for what you could buy frozen at Murphy's Market, to having two pizza places both seemingly made right there.

Let the pizzas begin. 

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