Thursday, October 25, 2018

Access Humboldt Provides Election Soap Box

Posted October 24th, 2018

AH Press Releases
Access Humboldt provides an electronic soapbox for candidates and everyone who has a view to share regarding local elections!

In addition to airing on cable TV channels and KZZH-FM 96.7, a collection of locally produced video programs covering candidates and issues on the ballot is available online at Access Humboldt's website - click on "Election Coverage!"

In addition to Access Humboldt productions, we've gathered links to KEET's candidate forums and all the local video programs we can find to support voter education and awareness. This listing will be updated as new videos become available.

If you know of any video available that should be in this collection, please let us know!

Here is Access Humboldt's programming policy for election related programs:

"Political Programming

The usual television election laws such as The Fairness Doctrine, Personal Attack rule, and Equal Time
provisions, do not apply to public access channels.

Candidates for local office may produce programs or appear on other programs, in the same manner as any other member of the community.

No paid advertising will be accepted on behalf of any candidate for public office or political parties, including promoting and or opposing ballot issues by supporting groups or lobbying organizations.

Political candidates and advocates for ballot issues are welcome to utilize the services on the same terms as other access users. AH maintains the right to limit the length and frequency of political programming in the same manner that it imposes these limits on other programs.

In fulfilling its role as a vehicle for community and communication, AH shall make an effort to sponsor or encourage balanced, unbiased political programming events. AH also reserves the right to preempt other programming in order to provide timely local election-related programming. AH may also reserve a sufficient block of airtime during each political season to enable a wide selection of political programs to be cablecast."

For more information contact:, tel: 707-476-1798

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