Sunday, October 14, 2018

One More Meeting Tomorrow On Trinidad Rancheria Hotel Proposal

This from The North Coast Journal,

Those concerned about the Trinidad Rancheria's plans to build a six-story hotel on the bluff above Scenic Drive will have another chance to ask questions at a second public meeting scheduled for tomorrow.
The meeting will take place at 5:30 pm at the Trinidad Town Hall.

I will miss this meeting due to work schedule but it does effect the property I live on. If you to the meeting or have been to the previous meeting,  feel free to share what you feel about the project in the comment section. For more on this, read the story from The North Coast Journal here. 


  1. Tom, is it possible to print out a bullet list of concerns like:

    Ingress, egress
    Walkability issues

  2. HOJ was the first community member in likely over 50 years to recommend smaller footprints by going more stories in elevation...problem is, HOJ was pushing it for housing and government services with parking garages and elevated walkways across main arterial roads....

    This project is a casino project, not anything else necessary in the community (ies).

    1. See the city officials of Eureka just copy catted and aren't giving out the credit but taking the credit for themselves when they deserve no credit because it was someone else namely HOJ who had to force feed and beat into their heads building up...

      New Eureka General Plan will allow for up to 6-story buildings
      City official: ‘This General Plan goes back to our roots’


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