Sunday, July 21, 2019

The Classic Rock Rewind Is Coming Up

I don't talk much about my classic rock show on the blog. But I do have a show which airs weekends 2-4 pm Pacific at the links below. Just about 30 minutes away from the show.

If you are a big trump fan, you might not like a few minutes of it LOL. The music should make up for that though. We also end with a tribute to Apollo 11 and the app
On an older computer use Tunein at this address:


  1. It would be helpful if you can explain how the link works since a radio signal is not available, locally?

    Classic rock is great...

  2. There is an app for which has players to both stations I'm on. That is for iphones and androids. One is for computers that the apps don't work on. That is the tune in app. If you missed any of the show today, it reruns on Wednesday 10 am to Noon Pacific at the app or here: Click listen live and choose or


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