Monday, September 30, 2019

MRCH Community Farm Stand Open Wednesday's Thru October

Update to the hospital's Farm Stand: Mad River Community Hospital Arcata Ca. 

The hospital Farm Stand will run through October as Field Crop Farmer Jayme Buckley has reported
an abundance of pesticide-free produce is still available to harvest not only for the hospital's patients, but for the staff and community as well. Buckley recently donated two boxes of various peppers to
Food For People today. 

MRCH Farmer Photo Caption: The hospital’s Field Crop Farmer

Jayme Buckley donates extra peppers to Food For People’s local food resources manager Allison Kenney aka the “the Gleaner.”  The hospital's Farm Stand will be extended through October. The Farm Stand is held every Wednesday from 11am to 2pm just outside the hospital's Garden Court Cafe and the community is welcome to buy recently harvested seasonal produce. If raining, the Farm Stand will move inside.

The address for MRCH is: 3800 Janes Rd, Arcata, CA 95521

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

The Handshakers At Westhaven Center For The Arts Saturday!

The Handshakers will play a concert at the Westhaven Center for the arts on Saturday, September 28th. at 7:30 pm. Cost of admission will be $5.00-$20.00 on a sliding scale.

 Our quintet will be joined by the highly talented singer/songwriter/guitarist Georgia Ruth Reidar for nine songs. This is a beautyfull venue and a great place for a concert.

  The Handshakers' Americana/alt-country music revolves around the ensemble sound of a sultry electric guitar, Bynum's driving acoustic rhythm guitar and Aleister Paige's atmospheric pedal steel guitar. The quintet lives in Arcata. t. 

 See The Handshakers facebook page here 

Monday, September 23, 2019

California Coastal National Monument Festival Saturday In Trinidad

Don’t miss the day-long community celebration of the beautiful Trinidad coast and the off-shore rocks that make up the California Coastal National Monument, on Saturday, Sept. 28, at the California Coastal National Monument Festival in the community of Trinidad. There will be a variety of free activities throughout the day.

Starting at 8 a.m., water rescue relays take place on Trinidad State Beach. This event is sponsored by California State Parks and will include surf racing style events common to lifeguard competitions across the state and world, a long swim, run-swim-run, and a board paddle followed by a surf contest. Water rescue relays are open to the public with more information at:

After the contest, participants are invited to help with a beach clean-up to make sure we leave our park cleaner than we found it.

Many festival activities are centered at the harbor including free mini kayak tours with HSU Center Activities, kids fishing off the pier sponsored by the Trinidad Rancheria, historic Trinidad Head Lighthouse tours and living history performance sponsored by the Bureau of Land Management and the Trinidad Museum Society, and an informational fair sponsored by the California Coastal National Monument and its community partners.  There will be music by the Tidepool High Divers.

Other activities around town include a celebration of the Trinidad Museum’s 10th anniversary, an art show at the Seascape Restaurant highlighting the winners of Trinidad School’s Seabird art contest, and a Flea Market in Trinidad Town Hall to benefit the Memorial Lighthouse project. The Greater Trinidad Chamber of Commerce is also hosting Tastin’ Trinidad from 4-6 PM in Saunder’s Park—tickets to this event are $25, and proceeds will go to the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust. A map with full schedule details is available on Trinidad Gateway-California Coastal National Monument Facebook page or at or

The California Coastal National Monument Trinidad Gateway is made up of community partners that work together with the Bureau of Land Management to protect and provide for public enjoyment of this unique part of the California coastline. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

The U.S. Is At War

That's a big headline, but the truth is, we have been at war most of  our 240+ years. When we are not in a declared war, which we haven't been in since WW2, we are in constant state of battle outside the normal rules of war.

 When we were at war, we took prisoners. We leave no prisoners to incarcerate. It's the new way. Sure we do have torture and indefinite detention. But that's allowed by the Patriot Act and it's many tentacles. The money we spend every year on these covert war actions could be used to create a country and world that would be sustainable. Instead we have children growing up that believe the world will be uninhabitable before they grow old. 

Wars are created by international interests including bankers, cartels and corporations. The people with the world in their hands are learning this. This technology allows us the answers to our questions. It gives us knowledge to grow and live, knowledge to see the world for what it is.

 It also gives the warmongers a signal to zone in on when they decide you and the collateral damage (people) around you have outlived your usefulness.

The story below is just one small example of why we can't have nice things.

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Learning To Fly

I wrote something on my facebook page that after some thought, I felt should be shared with everyone. It's not a long piece, there are no profound words but it is what I felt at the time and blurted it out. The more I read it the more I find insignificant flaws but it still holds true for me.

I find it fascinating how I run into people that in a short time, have the ability to completely change my outlook on life.

Sometimes for worse, sometimes for better.

The ones that are for the worse are lessons. The ones that are for the better are gifts.

Learning the difference between the two is how we gain wisdom.

Learning to become someone’s gift is how we attain enlightenment.

I would only change the we to I since I don't speak for anyone else but myself.

I hope it was worth sharing.

Tom Sebourn

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Sept. Suicide Prevention Month Walk In Arcata Sunday

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month
The Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) and community partners are hosting events and trainings during Suicide Prevention Awareness Month.

On Sunday, Sept. 8, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Humboldt County will hold
Photo by Tom Sebourn 
its fifth annual Out of the Darkness Walk at the Arcata Plaza. Registration starts at 9 a.m., and the walk begins at 10. September’s events also include a panel discussion on the intersections of pain management, opioid medication tapering and suicide risk.

DHHS Senior Health Education Specialist Kris Huschle said, “Preventing suicide involves the whole community. Participating in events during suicide prevention month and throughout the year is one way community members can learn more about how we each have a role to play.”

Most people who are considering suicide signal their intentions in some way. Warning signs can include sudden mood changes, withdrawal or giving away possessions. An increase or decrease in sleep, appetite or drug and alcohol use may also indicate someone is thinking about suicide. Check in with people around you, and let them know help is available. Become familiar with resources to offer the person you are concerned about.

The Healthy Communities Division of DHHS Public Health organizes workshops throughout the year to help community residents recognize the warning signs of suicide. For more information and to access a full schedule of local Suicide Prevention Awareness Month events, visit

If you are concerned for yourself or someone else, contact the 24-hour Mental Health Crisis Line at 707-445-7715 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Trinidad Art Nights This Friday!

SCHEDULE for Friday September 6th 6-9 pm, 2019 Trinidad Art Nights!

Forbes and Associates * 343 Main St.
‘Splintered Sunlight,’ Photography/Digital Imagery, by Michael Gottsegen.

Headies Pizza and Pour * 359 Main St.
Rick Tolley, Landscape Artist.

Moonstone Crossing * 529 Trinity St.
Oil paintings by Rick Tolley.

Ned Simmons Gallery * 380 Janis Court (Trinidad Coastal Land Trust)
Presents a Plein Air show including work from artists Paul Rickard, Antoinette Magyar, John Crater, Rick Tolley, Connie Butler, Andrew Daniels, Stock Schlueter, Dolores Terry, John Jameton, Jody Bryan, Richard Stockwell, Steve Porter, and Bjorn Lundeen.

Redwood Coast Vacation Rentals * 361 Main St.
‘Acrylic Paint Pours,’ Acrylic on Canvas by Cory Calantropio.

Saunders Park * (start of Patricks Point Drive)
Fire Dancing by ‘Circus of the Elements.’  Show start time is 8:45.

Saunders Plaza * (Parking Lot Area near Murphy’s Market)
Dance Music by ‘Blue Rhythm Revue,’ R & B based funk. Facepainting by ‘G’s Facepainting.’ Music sponsored by Merchants of Saunder’s Plaza. Also enjoy a game of Corn Hole.

Seascape Restaurant and Pier * 1 Bay St.
‘See the Sea From Heart and Soul,’ acrylic paintings by Jeff Stanley.

The Lighthouse Grill * 355 Main St.
Paintings by Antoinette “Toni” Magyar.  Acrylic on Canvas.

Trinidad Art Gallery * 490 Trinity St.
Themed to honor the 50th anniversary of Woodstock. The featured artists, watercolorist Maureen McGarry and leather mask maker Donvieve, are part of that generation and will host their event complete with Woodstock-era music by musician Morgan Corviday.

Trinidad Eatery and Gallery * 607 Parker Road.
Miniatures, Nancy Pippin, Fimo Clay, music by Dessert First.

Trinidad Elementary School* 300 Trinity Street
Skate Ramps provided by Humboldt Skatepark Collective.  ‘Boffer Ring,’ Styrofoam Swordplay and Role Play. 

Trinidad Museum* 400 Janis Court (next to library)
Trinidad Museum will feature authors John and Sheryl Meyers.  John Meyers wrote the Trinidad history "Trinidad: Looking Back from My Front Porch" (2016).  He and his wife have collaborated on many books and melodrama plays and productions.  They will sign books and tell tales of their decades-long careers in writing and producing.

Trinidad Trading Company * 460 Main St.
Locally crafted driftwood mobiles, jewelry, beaded hangings with bells and crystals. Music by JD Jeffries with Chris Volas.

Wild at Hearth * 363 Trinity St.
New restaurant featuring Brick Oven baked Pizza . Art by Tess Krause.

Windansea * 410 Main St.
Local art TBA.

US Senator Joe Liberman, WTC 7 Did Not Occur