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Humboldt Climate Crisis - A Call To Action

I share this because Jack Nounnan has been trying to save the earth longer than I have been alive. I’m not even sure how he is able to bang these out. I assume at the library. He lives and walks the talk. He doesn't consume a lot, rode a bike into his early 90's maybe still does, and still takes the bus which is about a quarter mile down hill to the stop and then back up to his meager homestead, 

Skipping over a few grammatical errors, he is right! He also hasn't given in to apathy or disparity. He challenges us all to re examine how we live in order to keep on doing it.  Below is his email to me and others. I threw the PG&E logo in there because they have been a local part of the problem. This shouldn't be about profit when peoples lives are at stake. 


Finding Humboldt's Answers for this climate upheaval
This 'Age Of Climate Change' upends most our 'Standard Living Norms'!
This letter, hopefully can help us all determine our best climate plans.           
Strong Community Climate Projects - For Going Before The County
       What represents our most definitive efforts to overturn this stagnant 'status quo'?
      We do know, The County has been working on their own climate plans..
                        which are now on hold! Why is this?

*With the same kind of  vital community uprising we just experienced in addressing
Terra  our solid support of The Mattole, The Weyote Tribe and all those living there:

Now turning,  as a Community in working out our own home grown formidable plans,
so crucial to combat this huge runaway  global warming dilemma ...
What remedies are we positively determined to see happen in meeting this crisis?
What can we agree upon, before going before the County? Nothing should stop our best efforts

We're now joined by our Youth...
Their recent Climate Marches/events were their powerful 'Declaration'
      focused on immediate local climate actions:
   And going before the County with their demands!

**The recent Blackouts brought us our first personal impact of Climate Crisis!
"Yes", an inconvenience and some financial losses, but it did limit our communities burning
of carbon's,  our first chance to help others worldwide even if only a bit.... in lessening their
more serious suffering from global heating. Our efforts meet our needs and in doing so, 
compassionately help worldwide warming.
Whatever we can do...  all adds up in our working together.
A starting list here of issues (Climate Projects To Be Worked On)..What are yours?
To present in a meeting soon with the County

+ All industries, businesses, schools  and residences strongly encouraged to install
     solar collectors, with the fine discounts and long term financial arrangements
     now available.  This helped by  local and our outreach  announcements  to encourage
     everyone to do all they Over 90% of businesses in Humboldt cities and towns
     have no solar.  We need this Community to begin with their own plans to install,
     which essentially means the installation bill  replacing their energy bill  and in
     a few years its maybe mostly off the grid and its all theirs.

+ All new building of industrial, business to include necessity of
     solar panels sufficient to cover home electric energy needs.
     <'Residential' already covered by the County Building Dep. requirements>

+ Unprecedented Climate Crisis makes obsolete past era practices used
      by the forest industry.  To remember, despite years of requests and actions
      to bring this all  to their attention, they've chosen not only to ignore,
      but at times accelerate their elimination of trees for great profits....
      no matter the consequences of such losses of vital carbon absorbing trees
      in offsetting global destruction  we all now face!

+ CDF, California Department of Forestry to be confronted in not enforcing
    climate regulations pertaining to every single (THP) Timber Harvest plan,
    which for years it has neglected to do. Who are they working for?
    Certainly not our community as a whole.

 A wind project designed and constructed in a scale of keeping with our
     regions natural wonders of precious forest, species and their habitats.
+ Demanding (RCEA) Redwood Energy Authority provide 100% clean,
      renewable energy, most of this being solar, wind and wave,  in quickly
      ending dependence upon biomass and natural gas...
      (Their sales of  electric energy to owners of electric cars for  fueling,
      includes natural gas and high carbon biomass in the mix.)
The need to demand  the auto industry  end their neglect in not offering
     roof top photo voltaic electric panels for  electric cars. Getting these vehicles
    entirely off  the 'grid'. (This tech' has been known for generations!)

+ Widespread public outreach efforts to inspire far greater use of buses, with more
     local bus stops for best possible coverage to workplaces and greater bus scheduling
     to inspire growing needs, including later hours to help those working late and/or
     participating in any  public events and important meetings....

+  Humboldt State University has well stated climate plans ...yet insufficient to meet
      its  demands.  Why such extensive painting in buildings, new entrance ways,
     landscaping and   extensive  new cement works of beautiful winding stairways,
    new parking areas while unprepared when the blackouts  hit? Experts tell us this
    University could operate at 100%, at all times,  with adequate  solar panels, and
    batteries installed. This may take re-investing loans or tapping into (H.E.I.F.),
    Humboldt Energy Investment Fund, set up on campus years ago for just such
    'climactic times'. Is it still available? Whose is being served in pbeutting this off?
   Why these present priorities? Higher learning should  among the first to keep
   us attentive and fully prepared to meet climate situations.

   We do know of that first shrill alerting to all planet dwellers
      in that first World Climate Conference in Rome, 1946....
 This university could be forefront in environmental efforts, leading other   
    universities nationwide, yet their forest industrial ties prohibiting their most vital
    leadership. HSU is still  prime promoter of biomass for electric energy.

+ Bringing more 'Youth' Aboard In An All Out Local Reckoning!.......
       Reaching out to them in schools, universities and through social media.
          Welcoming them, while acknowledging how our country, for  so many
         generations has ignored their valuable inspiration and impute.

 +  A closer examination of the region of the world we live in, can be a  stunning
      'Awakening' of how  our best natural healing of climate warming  is being ignored!
       And been going on for  generations, yet we find ourselves  demanding other regions
       of our country to....'keep their fossil fuels in the ground!'  We ask that they  find
       alternative work, which does not destroy our chances of life on Earth. 
       While simultaneously we, as a community, acting as if committed to 'deforestation'
        when trees are a  crucial part of  climates basic answers. Trees, being the natural
        way to help  heal this climate ordeal by so massively  absorbing of warm carbons!
       Why so blind to this healing capaciy, right here on our own home turf in
        allowing massive extractions of precious forests, this continued ravaging and tearing
        apart whole landscapes  by the industry, with trees trucked away almost daily?
        Why this huge ongoing compromise....which  has been our Status Quo unabated...
        ever since it began with  those 'Manifest Destiny' rampages of 49'?
Among those groups receiving this info:   

Earth First!
Earth guardians
Sunrise Movement
Extinction Rebellion
Arcata High Youth Climate Activists
 Please add to this list.....           
Who else cares that we've missed?

** We can be an awesome  prototype for other regions of our country by how prepared
       we are to free ourselves from endless development and consumption! Free our vital energies,
       so needed for these great challenges of this  new climate age we find ourselves living in...
        Everyone's thoughts on this are so valuable.
          We've got to change!...

          'For Nothing Less Will Do!
           Respectfully submitted
            Climate Crisis Humboldt

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