Friday, February 14, 2020

The Oceans Are Dying And It Might Be Too Late To Save Them

I was speaking to a marine biologist last night about the state of the Pacific Ocean and the kelp beds off the California coast. We were the only ones in the restaurant at the time,  so we hit up a conversation freely without concern for any surrounding ears. 

I told her of my love of the outdoors. My trip to The Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness along the US/Canadian boarder, back backing and stuff. After some time I asked her about the kelp beds in the bay that I had paddled in before my accident. They would turn blue green shiny colors like the inside of an abalone shell but they would glisten as they danced in the water in the sunlight. The kelp beds are also the sea's forest and home to lots of fish and other ocean life. I told her I had heard the kelp wasn't doing well and asked if the kelp in Trinidad Bay was still OK?  

She looked down and said it wasn't doing well at all. 

She said she wasn't very optimistic about the future of the oceans or the planet. She told me she felt that if we had acted about 20 years ago with a plan somewhat like the one Bernie Sanders has proposed, we might have had a chance. 

She spoke of doing a dive a few months ago off the Mendocino coast to remove invasive purple sea urchins with a group of other marine biologists, fishermen/women and volunteers.  She told me she cried as she saw abalone and other critters clinging to a rocky mound jetting above a sea of devouring purple urchins. The abalone clinging above with it's tiny tentacles reaching out, starving for food, clinging to the edges of it's ecosystem. 

We continued to talk about the planet, consumption, solar power, electric cars and other positive breakthroughs. I then brought up the fact that younger people are no longer getting married or having kids because they don't believe the world will hospitable to raise a family in anymore. She said she saw the same trend. 

She and thousands of other scientists have spent years in college studying science, the planet and it's oceans. To ignore me in this day of Trump and fake news is understandable, but to ignore people like her, her colleagues, thousands of other scientists and biologists. and what we are seeing around us is to commit suicide as a species. 

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