Tuesday, August 4, 2020

What Happened When a Public Institute Became a De Facto Lobbying Arm of the Timber Industry

This is from ProPublica 

As Oregon Gov. Kate Brown crafted a bill in 2018 to enact sweeping limits on greenhouse gas emissions, leaders at an obscure state agency worked behind the scenes to discredit research they feared would persuade her to target one of the state’s most powerful industries.

The research, published that March, calculated for the first time how much carbon was lost to the atmosphere as a result of cutting trees in Oregon. It concluded that logging, once thought to have no negative effect on global warming, was among the state’s biggest climate polluters.
Read much more at the link below. 


  1. It's all about greed, the love of money, and it solves nothing...

  2. Good find Tom.

    Personally, and maybe it's science, but when you cut a bunch of trees down it's like removing the lungs of a human being...as an analogy...plus, there is no more tree cover to keep the forest floor cooler... now the clear-cut area can amasse Heat...

    Years ago in High School, Henchy thought about what it would be like to plant and water trees throughout the desert to see if a sustainable Forest could be created that would also change the local climate to more favorable conditions for people and animals to live in... weighing consideration for those animals that only live in the desert that might be displaced or die off...figured The Good outweighed The Bad...

  3. Good timing too with EPIC/Mendocino County forrest...really shows the reality that all government institutions are corrupted... Henchy would have made this his #1 priority to the people in the 5th District and Humboldt County, but bad people in media helped to ruin that, along with faithless and unloyal community voters who chose otherwise...definitely stay humble, but continue critiquing...it is only human for the masses to cower in fear because their overlords are status quo face pullers who gained popularity for being "known", not for actually helping the little guy/gal...

    Personally, Henchy only votes for newbies with a brain...and, if no newbies are options, then Henchy does not vote...simple as that...voters need to be able to recognize their savior instead of being close-minded or dumbed-down...

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