Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Phone Scammer?

 Today while at work, I got a call from a person calling himself Alan Davis an inspector for the Social Security Administration. His number had a San Francisco area code but that means nothing these days. 

He said he was investigating me for fraud and needed me to verify my personal information. 

I said this is Tom Sebourn, I work in a news room. This call is being recorded. 

He said I was in a lot of trouble and needed to verify my identity. I told him that we read Public Service Announcements to the  public about scams all the time and they usually start with a phone call just like this.

 He started to get abusive with me and said fine, I'll just send this to your local law enforcement agency and I interrupted him and said do what you want, I'm not giving you any more information. Fine he said I'll send it to the police.

 I told him to do that as I know who our local law enforcement is but i don't have a clue who you are even if you do say your name is Alan Davis. 

 He got mad and hung up. I reported him to the Department of Social Security Inspector General's Office. 

That's what you do. 

These people are sharks and really motivating. DON'T FALL FOR IT!!

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