Sunday, July 25, 2021

The Final Classic Rock Rewind Show is hours away!

 On Monday morning from 10 - Noon Pacific, my final internet show, The Classic Rock Rewind will make it's final airing on

Due to new increases in royalties for small time streamers like High Quality Rock dot com, our final show is just a few hours away. 

I would like to thank everyone that has followed the show for tuning in. We had a good run on Radio Vegas and High Quality Rock which lasted for over 5 years and 300 shows. 

I am still working in radio in Eureka Ca. and will continue to run the progressive news/talk station there KGOE 1480 also at along with my other duties.

Thanks go out to Jason Bird aka Crazy Jay (RIP) the founder of and Dennis Mitchell (Host of "Breakfast with The Beatles") founder of LVClassicRock dot com and for allowing me to be the expressive D.J. that I wanted to be. The rules were a bit loose and the music was good but the times they are a changing.

My website www.TomSebourn.Rocks will still be up for a while longer and this blog spot will stay up as well as my social media sites which can be found at my website. 

If something changes, this is probably the best place to find it out. 

Peace, Love and Enlightenment to all,

Tom Sebourn

The Classic Rock Rewind

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