Thursday, February 3, 2022

Postal Service Failure to Electrify Truck Fleet

 This is cronyism in full display. I am a huge supporter of the USPS and have been for years. That changed when the former president installed Louis DeJoy to lead the US Postal Service in the wrong direction. DeJoy pulled out hundreds of sorting machines ahead of an election and the Christmas holiday shopping season and slowed the mail down to the point where it's hard to pay bills using this service anymore. 

Now DeJoy is taking the US Postal service backwards in wanting to re-fleet the service with mostly brand new gas powered vehicles. Has anyone noticed that the ocean is pissed off! The weather is getting out of control? 11 billion dollars worth of vehicles is not a drop in the bucket and could be used to help curb climate change. Instead, stupidity and greed is the driving factor. Remember that DeJoy used to head up XPO Logistics and is under investigation by the FBI. 

Here are some great links to learn more about this Republican crony.


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