Thursday, March 30, 2023

Faith Based Healthcare Is A Lack Of Both

They are not happy unless they can control you. 

 Even though so called Christians can access health care through their own "Health Share" accounts with faith based directives that exclude things that "Christians" don't like.  They choose to take away access for others based on their divine relationship with god rather than help people. 

These folks make a mockery of their so called "faith based health directives". If these work for them, why do they need to get involved with people that are not in their churchy circles?

A Federal Judge in Texas, Judge O'Connor has decided that the rest of us must lose our  coverage for some life saving care.  

There are some that believe this is what Jesus or God would want. It doesn't really matter what you want. So called Christian Conservatives believe it is their duty to take choices away from people. Choices like who they marry, what they read, what they wear and and what sexual positions and candidates are approved by their unelected hierarchy. 

 According to Forbes, Judge O'Connor's ruling also voids required coverage for other "preventive services," including "screenings for such cancers as breast cancer, colorectal cancer, cervical cancer and lung cancer, diabetes screenings, various screenings and interventions for pregnant people, statin use to prevent cardiovascular disease, vision screening for children and more.

"These "Christians" and their so called faith based healthcare systems work best when they have control over the rest of our personal health choices. 

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